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Xocai Probiotic Chocolate Products
"Ideal Delivery System" For Probiotics - Far Superior To Milk!

Xocai Probiotic Chocolate Squares - Nutrition Facts

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Xocai Probiotic Chocolate Squares
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High Antioxidant Healthy Probiotic Chocolate!
One Case contains 84 ProBiotic Chocolate Squares, each 11g.
Xocai ProBiotic Chocolate - The First Healthy ProBiotic Chocolate. Dark choçolate has been shown to be far superior to milk as a delivery system for Probiotics. This is excellent news, especially for those who are lactose intolerate or just simply don't like milk based
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Xocai Probiotic Chocolate - Nutrition Facts
Diabetic Friendly Probiotic Chocolate
ProBiotics. Each of the Xocai ProBiotic Chocolate squares is engineered to deliver 1 billion microorganisms of two types— Lactobacillus Helveticus R0052 and Bifido Bacterium Longum R0175. These probiotics have been selected for our Xocai ProBiotic Chocolate because of their stability in choçolate and their guaranteed shelf life equal to the shelf life of the choçolate itself, if properly stored as recommended for all Xocai products (40*F – 75*F).

By marrying the health benefits of Xocai healthy dark chocolate with those of these two probiotic cultures, which have a positive influence on immune and gut health, we gain new opportunities with health-conscious consumers. Presently there are no approved health claims on probiotics in the US, until now!  Help spread the word about Xocai ProBiotic chocolate, the best Probiotics chocolate available.

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